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Holy shit. Welcome to being a March legend, Max Abmas. The nation's leading scorer just became a household name. What a fucking game man. It looked and felt like Ohio State was going to steal this when Oral Roberts got down 4 and missed a couple key possessions. But this is about Max Abmas. I mentioned it in a few blogs if he got into the Tournament he'd be a star. Shade of Josh Hagins from Little Rock. Shades of Kyle O'Quinn from Norfolk State. Shades of CJ McCollum, you know him. The dude was a fucking star. 

29 points, took advantage of any switch Ohio State had on him. Then when he was off Kevin Obanor dropped 30! Not only that but Obanor hit two free throws to tie the game with under 15 seconds to go. Hitting the last one after a timeout. Big ass balls man. Ohio State's defense was worrisome coming into the game and Oral Roberts took full advantage. Max Abmas played all 45 minutes. He's officially a March legend. They get Florida next and Abmas vs Tre Mann is going to be AWESOME. 

Also, Big 10? What the hell? Two straight losses now at Mackey, both as favorites.