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GeoGuessr Battle Royale #1


You’re an elite cornball if you make the conscious decision to watch this video — even if only a fraction of it — instead of March Madness. In fact, I'd go as far as to bet the under on there being 1.0 person in your life who even remotely loves or cares about you if you merely clicked on this blog. But here we are. I decided to switch things up on GeoGuessr this time and play Battle Royale for once. It’s an online mode that’s just like Fortnite, in the sense that it’s also named “Battle Royale,” and it’s taking off like wildfire in both the geography gaming community and our very own office of casual players and laymen. 





Honestly thought this was the one situation where I'd be exempt from those specific insults, but the stoolies attack hard and they attack unpredictably.