Some Things: Georgia Tech's Starting Point Guard Is Wearing Moses Wright's Jersey (He Can't Play Because Of COVID)

How do you recover from missing ACC Player of the Year Moses Wright? Pretty simple. You do this. Jose Alvarado is the heart and soul of this Georgia Tech team. He's been there forever. He plays 40 minutes a game. He's a fucking menace defensively, whether they run that zone or man defense. Just goes balls to the wall for 40 minutes out there. He slaps on Moses Wright's jersey and what do you know? Decent start for Tech: 

I said it before but Wright is just so damn important to Georgia Tech in this game. Yeah, he's ACC Player of the Year, but it's also the fact he's a perfect matchup against Krutwig. So far Tech has mixed up the morphing zone and man, giving different looks and just swarming the post. It's worked so far. All I know is this is the smart move. This is how you fire up a team. This is how you attack Sister Jean's voodoo.