Arkansas Come Back From 14 Down, Team Account Tweets Eric Musselman Squeezing Out Toothpaste Directly At Colgate

Uh oh someone got their swagger back. Not that Eric Musselman ever lacked creativity and not that the Twitter account ever stopped talking shit. This is just perfect. Colgate got a little cocky a couple days ago

Whoops! Listen, I'm all for teams having fun on Twitter. I've said it before but I want more shit talking, even if it comes via Twitter. But this is about Arkansas. We saw the pros and cons to them today. They came out sluggish, settling for shitty shots instead of using the clear athleticism and attack Colgate. Hell, they even had Jordan Burns with 3 fouls and Colgate in foul trouble but they didn't keep pressing. It made no sense, but they still got the win (and the cover) so that's all that matters. But at the same time, you saw how they can just kill you so many different ways. Muss smartly benched Vanover to go small with Smith at the five. Smith had 29. Checkmate. JD Notae bailed them out with some big shots late. They didn't even get a great game out of Moses Moody, who is a legit lottery prospect. 

But no one is made for the NCAA Tournament more than Muss. Who could forget him at Nevada? 

And now we got him as a 3 seed without missing a step


The toothpaste thing might be overplayed with Colgate. But tweeting it directly at them? A+.