The Only Thing Better Than the Tournament is the Tournament Enhanced with Animated Dancing Robots

Imagine if you will the discussion that went into this. Undoubtedly a Zoom call. A bunch of CBS higher ups running things. A bevy of producers, graphic artists and assorted production people on the call. 

"It's Tournament time, folks. I don't need to tell you how big the stakes are. This is one of our biggest properties. We missed out last year. We took a huge hit in terms of revenue. And frankly, I don't think I'm putting too fine a point on it when I say the country needs this. Things are looking up but they're telling us there's a long way to go. And a great Tourney with our best production values will go a long way toward helping us and our audience. So I'm looking for ideas. Anyone?"

"Quality graphics?"

"Sure. Of course. Graphics are always huge. What've you got in mind?"

"Robots? Everybody loves a good robot. Look at the football coverage on Fox." 

"Good. Good. I love it. But what kind of robot? It's got to appeal to the young kids."

"Well, when my college kid was little, he and his friends were all into that Nintendo Wii." 

"Great! Make them look like that! But what should these Wii robots be doing?"

"What's that dancing that's all the rage? You know, the thing with the big piece of cardboard on the sidewalk where they spin around on their heads with their caps on sideways?"

"Break dancing?! I LOVE IT! Graphics, let's get right on that! Give me the best 2010 quality Electric Boogaloo bots you can!!! The guys on the panel will FLIP!" 

However it came about, I thank the fine people at CBS Sports for these dance droids. This exactly the shot in the arm (no vaccine pun intended, but it stays) in our hour of need. With 18 games today leaving 45 more to go, my greatest hope is that they don't get rid of this gimmick. And based Twitter's reaction, America agrees:


God, how I've missed this. With or without the bots, I we need this.