Conor McGregor Puts Out A Statement On Khabib's Retirement: "Never Forget Who Made Ye. Straight From My Big Irish Balls."

@thenotoriousmma - Happy retirement kid, smell ya later. Never forget who came in the game and made ye. Straight from my big Irish balls. Remember folks, if you hate cutting weight so much, all you have to do is move up a division.
God bless.

Listen, I know people are immediately gonna start clowning McGregor because he said he made Khabib after THIS....

Jeff Bottari. Getty Images.

….but lemme ask ya this - did YOU know who Khabib Nurmagomedov was before his rivalry with Conor McGregor begun? 

If your answer is yes, you're probably an MMA fan. Even if that's the case, tho - did your friends know who Khabib was back then? 

I bet they didn't!

Like it or not, most people found out about Khabib after the McGregor stuff, so Conor is accurate when he says "The Eagle" came from his "big Irish balls". My case is closed.

Side note: I love that he used the classic old school picture of them as prospects before they hated each other. Kinda reminds me of the classic Biggie/Pac pic:

I remember somebody asking Conor McGregor if the beef with Khabib was squashed or not after his loss to Dustin Poirier in January, and he basically said it'd only be squashed if Khabib agreed to get back in there with him for a rematch - so take that as you will. Guys will probably just go to the grave hating each other.