JuJu Tells Baltimore To Fuck Off; Re-Signs With The Steelers

I love it. Absolutely love it. Win-win here. The Steelers are the best place for JuJu and JuJu is better off with the Steelers. Then Schefty dropping that he turned away the Ravens to return back to Pittsburgh. I love it. 

Finally it's over after 5 long days of JuJu watch. Now, it is only a 1-year deal. So, this honeymoon could possibly (probably) be short-lived after next year when Big Ben retires and JuJu can really cash in. 

But we'll worry about that later when that time comes. Right now, I'm happy JuJu is back, Big Ben wanted him back, and we'll ride this thing out to Big Ben's arm or knees fall of in the middle of Heinz Field. 

Hop in the corvette corvette. The gang is back together.