Who Is Dave Dameshek And Why Did He Just Tweet That Brad Stevens Will Be Announced As The New Indiana Head Coach As Soon As TODAY???

Ok I have to plead ignorance here. I have no idea who this guy is or why I should take this seriously. He does have like 200k followers so he seems legit. Is this a bit? It has to be a bit right? The Celts play the Kings tonight...and Brad is going to be announced as the next coach at Indiana? Right after he just said he's not going to be the coach in Indiana? What is going on around here? Someone who might know more about this Dave Dameshek character please fill me in. He's just playing into the Brad to Indiana viral Twitter joke right? RIGHT?

Shit is way too stressful right now for me to have to deal with this shit. My Twitter got hacked, the Celts look fucking pathetic and I somehow lost my wallet in my own house yesterday. No idea where it is. It vanished. My life is in shambles at the moment is what things basically come down to. Now I have to read that tweet and deal with this? What the hell. What did I do to deserve this? I mind my own business and don't do a damn thing to anybody and this is how the universe repays me. What an asshole.

I'll be honest, I'm shook. I am terrified of the Shams/Woj bomb. Someone please tell me this is a bit or that this dude is not to be taken seriously. 

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