FUN: Howie Roseman Could 'Trade Everything' To Get DeShaun Watson On The Eagles

PV - A lot of people laughed at or were dismissive of a report from Jason La Canfora earlier this week that suggested the Eagles were "a strong suitor" for Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson, who by all accounts desperately wants out of Houston but reportedly won't be traded by the front office — at least that's their story and their sticking to it. But that won't stop teams from reaching out — and a trade could eventually happen whether the team wants it to or not because they may reach a point where Watson simply refuses to play for the Texans and forces the team's hand — even as Watson is currently mired in several civil lawsuits in which he's accused of sexual assault, with more suits reportedly on the way, all of which Watson has vehemently denied. While that will (and rightfully should depending on the outcome) complicate any trade, especially with the NFL currently looking into the situation, it does appear that La Canfora's previous report was not as out-of-left field as it initially appeared, with the Inquirer's Jeff McLane confirming on Friday that the Eagles have indeed reached out the the Texans about their quarterback.

Cool! Fun! Awesome sauce! It's especially amazing the reports of DeShaun Watson to the Birds only seem to get stronger as numerous allegations of sexual misconduct keep flooding in! Regardless of those extremely serious charges most likely coming his way, this would mean the Eagles are potentially hitching the franchise wagon to Wentz, Hurts, and DeShaun Watson...all within less than TWO years. But let's be real here...

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DeShaun Watson has a full no-trade clause which means he can reject being traded to any team that he doesn't see fit. You think this legit franchise QB, at 25 years of age, would want to come to this dysfunctional dumpster fire of a team? It's an absolute loss for him. Especially since the "Rebuild" phase would be shot since it'll require every draft pick for the next 3+ years and multiple organs to acquire Watson in the first place. 

That being said, if you could trade Hurts for Watson straight up - Do it. Of course. There's no denying DeShaun Watson is a legit, established franchise QB in this league. But obviously that wouldn't be the hypothetical case. The Eagles would be looking to give at LEAST three 1st round picks to go along with Hurts, and probably more. Now, would I want this broken team to give up more of its already dismal future just to ruin the next 2-4+ years of Watson’s prime? No. There's better ways to right this sinking ship. 

Rone, however, surprisingly disagrees and WOULD give all the draft picks and kidneys available to get DeShaun Watson. We talked about it on this week's FTLT, Barstool Philly's unsanctioned podcast: