Tom Izzo And His Own Player Got Into It Going Into The Locker Room At Halftime And Everyone Is Losing Their Damn Mind

Is this a bad look? Yeah, of course. Is it anything more than that? No. This isn't some fire Tom Izzo shit. This is who he is. He's never been some aw shucks type guy. He's been an asshole, wildly successful coach that guys will back. Hell, this is two Tournaments in a row where he had something similar: 

And now everyone is losing their damn minds - on both sides. People blindly saying it's not a bad look and people screaming about how bad it is. Both are wrong. I'm not going to link every tweet, there's a zillion out there but now you have Draymond chiming in: 

Again, Izzo shouldn't grab Brown. Wait until you get into the locker room and bitch him out. But let's not act like it's some crazy shit here. This is standard for Izzo especially. At the same time I'm not going to get on Brown for snapping back at Izzo. You're talking two guys in the heat of the moment. Brown clearly has a tipping point and hit it with Izzo. Plain and simple. 

I can't wait to see what Izzo says after the game in his press conference. I'm sure he'll be calm about it. Now obviously if Brown comes out and says more or another player comes out and says more this changes. But I'm going to venture to guess they both say it was a heat of the moment. I bet Izzo acknowledges he shouldn't have grabbed Brown.