The New Washington Football Team Name Could Be Arriving "Sooner Than You Think"


I'm surprised this didn't get more buzz. The Washington football team, the Washington Football Team, put out a hype video about the renaming, something that we haven't heard really anything about in months. I thought we all agreed, for better or for worse, that this is their new name. The Football Team. Makes me laugh every time. But it sorta grew on me, and I enjoy typing WFT, so I was fine with it. But now a reminder- the team name is probably going to change! And possibly...soon?!?!



Very interesting, eh?

Remember when we all thought it was going to be Red Wolves, is that still in the mix? Are we still talking about Warriors? Or is it something brand new, like maybe Pride? That seems to be the theme of the video, and Pride makes a lot of sense because it ties in the Native American culture AND it's a cool ass name.

Or maybe they'll officially announce it's the Football Team for good? Who knows! All I do know is I hope they keep the helmets. I love the simple, retro look.


Chris Szagola. Shutterstock Images.


What if we know on…draft day? That'd be something. If anyone has the scoop, slide on in.