Holy Shit We're Not Even Two Games In And Joseph Yesufu Just Locked Up The Best Dunk In The NCAA Tournament

Holy shit Joseph Yesufu. First off, A+ name. Second off holy shit. What a ridiculous dunk. I don't care if we're not even two games in, this is going to be the best dunk of the NCAA Tournament. Completely changed the first half, which, let's be honest, was peak First Four. Ugly basketball. Nobody was scoring and then this dunk just perked Drake back up. Should have been an and-1 too. I would have called it just to stop the game and let Yesufu celebrate for 15 seconds. Definition of a poster. Fuck, I missed the NCAA Tournament. Everything is just cooler this time of the year and that dunk was awesome. 

This picture is unreal. I'd frame it if I'm Yesufu no matter what happens from here on out. 

Gregory Shamus. Getty Images.

Walk around with it in my wallet and shit. Oh whoops, did I ever tell you about the time I murdered a dude with a dunk in the NCAA Tournament? Yeah that's this picture.