The Mitch Trubisky Era In Chicago Is Officially Over

Details schmetails right now. What I know is that Mitchell Trubisky is officially moving on from Chicago and I personally couldn't be happier that he gets a chance somewhere else. I'm sure he'd say the exact same thing. Nobody deserves it the way he does after sitting through Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace to start his career. It wasn't his fault he got drafted 2nd overall ahead of two bonafide hall of famers. It's not his fault Ryan Pace sucks at his job or that Matt Nagy was an insufferable leader. All Mitch did was show up every single day and be the best leader he could be. 

He won a ton of games as a Chicago Bear. Maybe he didn't get better like we needed in his 2nd year as a full time starter. But maybe the circumstances were downright awful and he'll thrive elsewhere. Fortunately we'll all get some answers down the road about who to be pointing fingers at about the Ryan Pace/Matt Nagy Chicago Bears era. We just need to wait a little bit for things to play out so don't be too quick to simply blame Mitch. He's dynamic and athletic and all that shit. A simple offense with some playmakers and he could be exponentially more dangerous. 

For now I'm just going to keep licking Andy Dalton wounds. I'm happy to know I'm not alone in this battle.

Kind of an obnoxious pie chart -  and while I'm biased, you can't explain away nearly 8,000 votes. The people have spoken. He would be a much better option than the bags of bones we're throwing on the depth chart but sometimes you just need to say goodbye. Catch and release. Spread your wings and fly. 

Emotional time indeed but looking at the positives I'm just happy Mitch is getting out of here and into something fresh. Like I said the guy absolutely deserves it. 

I'll always love you Mitch.