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The 2021 Chain Restaurant Bracket (Fast Food, Fast Casual, & Sit-Down Chains)

It's back, but this time combined!

The last few years I have done a bracket for both Fast Food/Fast Casual…

…and Sit-Down chain restaurants…

…and, as expected it got people heated.

So I figured, why not cut each bracket in half and combine them. The move of a madman!

As per usual, the restaurants were decided by an audience vote, but this time I tinkered with the teams included in the final 64, as well as their seeding. This is what we got…

Who is your Final Four pick?

For me, it's quite simple:
- #2) Outback Steakhouse
- #6) Whataburger
- #2) Taco Bell
- #7) Bojangles

Little controversial? Maybe, but hey, taste is taste.

Reply below with your Final Four…