This All-Time 'One Shining Moment' Video Is The Best Damn Video These Eyes Have Ever Seen

I've said it before but I'm romantic about college basketball. It's been my life forever. Shit, this month is the exact reason I got a job (thanks Dave and Keith). My own mother knew me well enough to suggest One Shining Moment as our mother-son dance at my wedding. Everything I do is based around this stupid, wonderful sport and specifically this month. There's nothing better than it in all of sports. 3 weeks, 10 days total all to determine a champion. Does it determine the best team? Nope, not even close. But there's no better event to determine a champion. Then the confetti hits and One Shining Moment plays as the team who won it watches it on the big stage. How does that not make you shed a single tear? Maybe it's just me being old and a dad now, but I get a tear down the eye thinking of all the memories of March watching this. 

And this video specifically? Best thing I've ever seen. I wanted to rank all the moments but I can't. There are too many. They all have a spot. We have upsets with Hampton and Norfolk State and and FGCU and Northern Iowa. We have historical moments with Texas Western. We have Larry vs Magic. We have the Virginia redemption. We have stars like Anthony Davis and Steph. We have the buzzer beaters. We have Jimmy V looking for a hug. We have the biggest what-if in Hayward missing from half court. Names that college fans remember like Ali Farokhmanesh, don't even need to look up that spelling. We have the best moment in Tournament history - Kris Jenkins for the championship, fuck you Chief. That's only like half of it too. 

It feels weird not watching games today, but we get it tomorrow. Fine. I'm ready. I'm even more ready after watching this video. Speaking of buzzer beaters: 

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