BREAKING: More Fans Are Now Being Allowed In Yankee Stadium and Citi Field For Opening Day, Which Is In Just TWO GODDAMN WEEKS

Oh lets fucking go baby! Never in my life did I think I'd get so excited to hear that 10,850 people will now be allowed in Yankee Stadium, but this is the world I'm living in. Got a little tingle in my balls when I read that update if I can be frank. Yesterday we were at 10%, now it's double that and an easier way to get inside the stadium. I'll take it man. I didn't get to go to a baseball game last year. First time in my life that's happened and I didn't appreciate it one bit. The team went out in protest and purposely didn't win the World Series because of it. Gotta have fans in the stands in we're going to hoist the commissioner's trophy in October. 2021 I'm watching my Yankees face fuck the rest of the league. 

Even bigger news here to me at least is you can get inside with a rapid test. I've been trying to figure out how to get a PCR test result back in 3 days time and haven't had much luck. You need that for Knicks games and it just seems difficult. A rapid I can go to the local City MD and get that done in one day. Even easier, if you're vaccinated you just have to show proof and you're good to go. Papa Joe says everyone can get the vaccine by May. That tells me we're flooding Yankee Stadium or close to it, by October and getting the roar of the Bronx Zoo back in my goddamn life for good. 

Fun times ahead baby. Everyone just do your part and stay the course. We're almost there. 

P.S. Cuomo wearing a split Yankees-Mets mask makes me wanna drink whatever is under the sink and just end it all right now.