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Nobody Loves Seeing The World Burn Like Southern Charm Star Madison Lecroy. The Woman Who Came For Cutler And Now A-Rod

Madison LeCroy appeared to ignore the news of Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez's reunion on Wednesday as she jetted off to the Bahamas with friends.   

It was reported over the weekend that the reality star's, 30, 'close friendship' with the MLB star, 45, had caused the end of his engagement to fiancée Jennifer Lopez. The couple have since denied split claims and were spotted kissing earlier this week.

Taking to Instagram, Madison, who has switched off comments on the social media platform, shared a slew of sizzling bikini snaps taken by her friend during their Bahamas getaway.  

This girl Madison LeCroy is on pace to wreck more homes than Hurricane Katrina. A tour de force of tits and not giving one single fuck. It wasn't even two months ago that she had her sights set on Jay-Cav and dropped receipt bombs all over the internet for everyone to see

And how did she follow up on that moment when everyone was talking about her on the posting her perfect jams and getting in the comment section

Oh, you're unbothered, Madison? Good for you.

This is textbook execution of striking while the iron is hot. The ole Don Draper quote: "if you don't like what people are saying, change the conversation". The conversation went from "this homewrecking Southern hoe" to "damn…tits". And what followed was likely a FLOOD of instagram followers. 

Time for Madison to rinse and repeat. She allegedly was at the heart of the strife between A-Road and J-Lo because of course she was and how did she follow it up…another vacation with her best assets front and center as seen in the link above. Not sure if being a homewrecker is a great brand for your life, but it definitely plays keep those reality tv checks coming. I am not going to lie, I have never seen Southern Charm, but I will definitely be tuning into Bravo next season to see whose life she ruins next. Right now she appears to be the best in the world. No signs of stopping any time soon.