I Could Listen to the Experts Rave About Belichick's Free Agent Haul All Damned Day

Somebody do me a favor. Take Louis Riddick's words, scoop them up with a bent spoon, liquefy them over a lighter, suck them up into a syringe, and jab them directly through my breastplate into my ventricles like Vincent Vega did to get Mia Wallace's heart started. 

"These moves are all very, very strategic."

"Represent philosophically who Bill has always wanted to be from a team-building standpoint."

"He wants to attack you inside to out."

"He went and got the people who allow him to do that."

"Mismatches. The predicament it puts defenses in."

"'I'm going to build this thing exactly as I've always done it.'"

"This is a clinic of how to run free agency. It's an absolute clinic!" 

Annddd ... I'm spent. I'm glad the clip ends at that point because I'm going to need a refractory period and to call for a clean up on Aisle Jerry. Whoosh. 

And the best part is, that's just talking about one side of the ball. About the return to the Josh McDaniels McOffense. Running out 1-back, 2-tight end sets, forcing defenses into the box and then spreading them out. Or spreading them out, putting them into subpackages, only to motion everyone in and pound it. Or run play action. Basically the opposite of what they did last year. 

But Riddick didn't even get to the defensive side. About them adding a big body run stuffing nose tackle in Davon Godchaux, a edge defender in Matt Judon who can pass rush, stop the run and drop into coverage. An all-purpose defensive back who can move all over the secondary one week, and then get 65 reps at outside corner the following week in Jalen Mills. Of whom NBC Sports Philly said:

But one thing Jalen Mills always did during his five years with the Eagles is give everything he had. ...

I feel like a lot of fans don’t appreciate Mills the way they should. You need guys like Jalen Mills on your football team. Guys who aren’t stars but just go out and play hard, know their limitations, put the team first and inspire others.

Mills wasn’t a star, but in a lot of ways he was the perfect symbol of that 2017 Super Bowl team. A guy who out-played expectations, a guy who a lot of people didn’t believe in, a guy who came up huge when he had to.

Welp. Refractory period over. I'm ready to go again. 

There is nothing like watching GM Bill operate in a buyer's market when he's got a fat wad of bills and no reason to save his money. When the world was declaring in unison that he was done, the game had passed him by, and all his success was thanks to a guy who's no longer working for him. It's glorious to behold. 

Or to quote Drew Rosenhaus, who's been making a lot of these deals with him, talking to Peter King:

“I just got the sense that coach Belichick was hungry. I got the feeling that last year didn’t sit very well with them. I got the feeling they weren’t content missing the playoffs, and I got the sense that they were going to do a lot to improve their football team. They were able to do things that other teams couldn’t do. One thing about Belichick, besides being a great coach, he’s also, I think, an outstanding talent evaluator and a great NFL executive, so I think it’s scary to give an outstanding coach like that tons of cap room that most teams don’t have. I think the Patriots are going to be a very dangerous team this year.”

OK. I better stop. It's said too much Patriots Porn could lead to psychological and emotional harm, and make it harder to form meaningful relationships. So you should maybe stop reading and just go think pure thoughts.  At least until the next round of GM Bill signings. 

Oh, dammit. Never mind. Keep doing what you're doing. 

Good boy, Nike.