Ovi Jr Already Has One Of The Best One Timers In All Of Hockey


This isn't even hyperbole, that kid has elite levels of eye-hand coordination. He don't miss. Ovi is putting it on his tape and Jr is firing that thing 105 MPH, just like his pops. Wouldn't it be ridiculously cool if we have been following Ovi Jr's career and he ends up being just like his dad?Obviously he's way too young to know for sure, but it would be so great if we can look back on these videos in 15 years and be like we knew it all along.

Sneaky the best thing about this video isn't Ovi Jr's one timer skills, it's how they are playing in the hallway of the house, no fucks given. Baby crying in the background, but Ovi is more concerned with getting his kid some reps. Lefty, no less! I love how Ovi is really a kid too, doesn't care about the walls or scraping the floor, just living the absolute dream. What an awesome guy. 

I cannot wait for them to play together. This can happen in about 15 years, so Papa Ovechkin will be just entering his prime at 50 years old. So yeah, it'll happen for sure. 


PS: ICYMI, the Great 8 is now 6th all time in goals after scoring number 718 last night.