Adam Schefter Is Saying That It's Possible Russell Wilson Could Still Be Traded To The Bears And He Should Be In Jail For That

I am in a tough spot here. I got swooped up in a Barstool block spree by Schefty back in like 2014 when Big Cat was doing an expose on his height and called him a little pee boy. Let me tell you...being blocked by Schefter stinks. The thousands quote RTs with reactions that just say "whoa" or "IT'S HAPPENING" etc are infuriating. When you're blocked by Schefter you're the last one to get the news. That is the worst place to be. I am going to tread lightly here, but...this video segment should land him in jail. 

We talked about Unit 731 on Dogwalk yesterday and all the horrendous types of physical torture committed by the Japanese against the Chinese during WWII. Well this is emotional and psychological torture from Schefter. I am not even sure I wanted to do the trade because it was reported to be Roquan, Fuller, a 3rd round pick, and three 1sts. That is INSANE, but maybe less insane than going into a season with an open competition between Andy Dalton and Nick Foles while your window with an expensive and aging defensive core is rapidly closing. 

"Oh maybe they signed Dalton to be a trade chip. Seattle liked Dalton"

That is reckless and insensitive to the emotional rollercoaster we've been on for legitimately 30 years. I've turned the page mentally. Eddie is happy because he thinks it means the Bears will leave a giant crater in Soldiers Field and have to rebuild with new guys. It is not fair for Schefter to leave the door open a crack. We need to move on so we can appropriately wallow. I don't want any hope. I want to be miserable. I've committed to misery. I know how to deal with that. I am very experienced. This was a sick and twisted kernel to throw out there not even 24 hours after his Dalton tweet sent Chicago into a collective rage.