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UNC Needs To Be Kicked Out Of The Tournament ASAP Because Roy Williams Is Officially An Insane Person

I'm not exaggerating, UNC needs to be kicked out of the Tournament ASAP. You can't have Roy Williams in the bubble there getting ready to order this sort of sub. Tuna fish salad? That man is going to STINK on the sidelines. That's before we even get into the white bread order. Of all things you can get, that's what you go with? White American cheese is fine. Not my preference but as long as it's not swiss, it's hard to miss on cheese. 

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This has to be the most disgusting order one can come up with from Jersey Mike's right? Just stay with the standard deli meat. Why can't you just stay with standard deli meat, Roy? I don't care that UNC is improved. I don't care that guys like Sharpe and Davis are figuring it out. They need to be kicked out ASAP. I can't have a man ordering tuna fish subs in the greatest event in sports.