David Dobrik Put Out A "Let's Talk" Video Response After People Are Try To Cancel Him For His Past Videos

The video above is about 2 mins long, and its not exactly an apology video. For those who don't know, you live on Mars, but David Dobrik is probably the most popular guy on YouTube. He has three accounts, his main has amassed over 18 million subscribers, his second account has almost 9 million, and the account this video was posted on has about 1.7 million. He makes quick vlogs of him and his friends dicking around, and has been doing this for YEARS. He's made over 600 videos and his life is very well documented. He's 24 years old and worth about 15 million dollars. 

Naturally, there are questionable moments in some of his past videos. They normally include all of his friends being super fucked up, breaking shit or hurting themselves accidentally, hooking up with girls, etc etc. David always records everything, and if people consent to being in the vlog, they're on the vlog. Even if they don't look good.

David explains that even he doesn't agree with things that are in his videos from 5+ years ago, and he always takes videos down if people want to be removed. But that doesn't mean he "apologizes." He's realistic about it, he acknowledges that times change and people change, and I think NO ONE knew how famous he would get. He's got a few small skeletons in the closet, and he's not afraid to expose himself over it. Good for him. Keep it movin'.

What a PR move putting this video out on his "Views" channel though. Views is his talk show/podcast, and obviously the account doesn't have as many followers as his main account. Smart to say a few quick words, no need to shove it down our throats, if you were offended/upset by a past video, he's addressed it here. If you have no idea what he's talking about, no need to send people on a witch hunt to find more. 

I'm a huge David Dobrik/Vlog Squad fan. The videos are so dumb, but so good. You get wrapped up in their lives, and you marvel over the fact that David is so fucking rich. He buys cars for his friends almost weekly. He hasn't been vlogging at all since the pandemic started, which fucking sucks, but he's been active on Tiktok and Instagram and of course, Views. Clearly things are fine over at the Dobrik house, considering he just bought this new mansion (complete with a Fruit Punch water fountain.)