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IT'S GO TIME - All 68 Teams Have Cleared NCAA Tournament Protocols And Virginia's Schedule This Week Is Wild

There it is. Louisville is officially not in the Tournament as the first team out. Shucks. But this is what we wanted to see. If your name was called on Sunday, you should be playing in the NCAA Tournament. The biggest concerns were Virginia and Kansas obviously and then yesterday when Georgia Tech announced a positive test. 

Even better we only had 5 positive tests the first round. This isn't specific to players, but coaches as well. 

But here's the thing now. Virginia is going to have a HELL of a week. They can't practice at all until they get to Indy. They aren't even getting there until Friday afternoon. They have to get tested again. Then they play Ohio on Saturday. I don't care how good you are or anything that sort of travel and lack of playing is a dagger. It's why I'm so bullish on Ohio in that matchup. You beat Virginia by being able to shoot against the packline defense - even with Virginia having one of its worst defensive teams under Bennett. Ohio's offense? Yeah they can shoot. They shoot 36.6% from three as a team (56th in the country). They also have an NBA guard in Jason Preston. Seriously, watch this  guy. 

I said it before but Virginia doesn't have a great matchup on Preston. He's a 40% 3pt shooter and he's a legit 6'4". He can easily get his shot over Clark. I don't like the way Beekman matches up against him. Then Ohio surrounds him with guys like Ben Vander Plas (37% from three) and Ben Roderick (40% from three). Asking to get out on the floor and play against that with one practice in 10 days isn't the easiest thing in the world.

As for life in the bubble, we're seeing some problems already. 

All that matters though is we're under 48 hours away from the greatest 3 weeks in sports. As of now all 68 teams are ready. It's go time.