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It's The 30th Anniversary Of The Greatest Brawl In Blackhawks History, The Saint Patrick's Day Massacre

One of those days you know about not because you remember, but because your dad has never stopped talking about it. Every time the Blues and Blackhawks tangle you get the story of Manson-Stevens and a brawl that would not end. Olde Tyme Hockey. Rivalries that end in bloodshed. Long memories. Longer grudges. Scores being settled. It's beautiful.

The game has changed so much. It's never been better, but I'd be lying if I said I don't miss the fighting and the brawls. I don't need John Scotts or The Boogie Man(RIP) taking up a roster spot and slowing the game down, but I wish we had more bad blood and more blood spilling on the ice. Hockey fights are awesome. If that makes me a meatball I don't care. It's the truth. People love fighting. Just take one look at how the UFC has exploded. When you combine bloodsport with passion for your team and seeing guys do it not for a paycheck or a belt, but to right a wrong done to their teammate...chills. Adrenaline. Goosebumps. There's nothing like it. I wish every team had a Tom Wilson. I wish every team had an Andrew Shaw. I wish every team had a Josh Manson. Guys who can skate and play and and contribute to winning the game. Then...when the time comes...whip some ass. That, to me, is still a part of what makes hockey different and great. The NHL needs differentiators from the other major sports and the NHL seems to shy away from it. It's a nasty deed that I personally wouldn't want to do and I appreciate the concussion concerns. Having said that, if two consenting adults decide they want to settle their differences the old fashioned way who am I to tell them they can't? I will enjoy it and when it's done they'll get the applause they deserve. That's hockey baby. 

Here is the full clip to get your blood pumping. Better than strong coffee in the morning