“You’re the most overpaid guy in the world”: Chirping Jeff Skinner For How Rich He Is Has To *REALLY* Keep Him Up At Night



Seriously, I need everyone to send this to Rone. He needs to see this. How is he ever going to be the KOTD champion again if he doesn't get burns like this in his playbook? You go right for the jugular- how incredibly well paid someone is. Absolutely brutal stuff. He really hit him where it hurts to the point I don't think Jeff Skinner will ever recover. Reminding a guy he signed an 8 year, $72 million deal will keep him up at night. Maybe Bastian should have called him handsome and then opened a scholarship fund in his name next, really get under his skin.

Sure the Sabres are the worst of the worst of the worst 



and lost again tonight, but at least Jeff Skinner is rich. So hey, he's got that going for him.