We've Got A Minnesota Nice Line For The BigTen Hockey Championship Tonight

This is a blog for all 16 of you that will read this because you love college hockey as much as I do and also like to dabble on the Barstool Sports book app in Illinois, Michigan, and Pennsylvania...all states in BigTen country. We've got the Conference Championship game tonight and I have a BIG announcement if you're just a casual...The U is back

There are very few places in the country where College Hockey truly matters and Minnesota is one of them. Somehow the flagship program and university in the state died for a while. They've been passed up by Minnesota State, St Cloud, and Minnesota-Duluth. That should be impossible, but that's how dire things got way up nort der. 

The Golden Gophers are FULLY back now. You come back in the Conference Tournament down 2-0 and cap it off in OT and I am officially sucked in. Is Wisconsin better? I have no idea. Literally no clue. They've got wal-mart Debrincat having a big year, but other than Caufield I couldn't tell you much about the Badgers except that Big Cat is the biggest Wisconsin fan in the world and nothing ever works out for him. I'd love to be able to ride with him and my guy Tony Granato, but I've decided that Minnesota is a team of destiny and I don't go against the hockey gods. Especially when Minnesota is involved. Those colors, that logo, the Golden Gophers scream college hockey. It matters more up there. Only school that might prefer a hockey championship to a basketball one. I love that about them. I am fading Big Cat and taking the even money. College hockey is almost always a toss up and when the book gives you plus money you take it. 

Download the app, get in the game. Wet that beak before the big dance this weekend.