There's A New Leader In The Clubhouse For Best Baseball Logo: Say Hello To The Danville Otterbots

Now this is how you make an entrance into a baseball league. The Appalachian League, a college wood bat league, is welcoming it's newest member and please stand up and applaud for the Danville Otterbots. Yes, you see the logo an it's fantastic. An otter that is a robot. What is cooler than that? I'm sure it'll get confused for "Autobots" from Transformers, but that is a bridge we'll cross when we get there. 

Just a few weeks back we had the Burlington Sock Puppets and now we've got the Otterbots. Give me all these new and updated logos and team names over the traditional ones. Especially if you're playing to college kids and trying to get them in your league, do something outside the box and different. What is more different than an Otterbot? I'm sure the hat and jerseys will look awesome too. Love how creative teams are getting with this stuff now.

Otters are a way underrepresented animal in the mascot game so this is a home run pick for them. If I'm picking a team in the Appalachian League, it's these guys. How could you not root for the new kids on the block with that logo? Do we think they have a live mascot like Mike the Tiger? Maybe a nice aquatic setup for the otters? That is how you sell out a stadium, put a damn pool with some otters in there. It's basically an extension of MILB, so I'm sure we will get something wacky and cool with the park.