How Do We Get Danny Ainge To Act Like Bill Belichick?

Boston Globe. Getty Images.

If you've been on Twitter lately, you've seen what Bill has done over the last two days. When it comes to immediately addressing holes in his roster and improving his team for the now, the guy is not only dropping his nuts on the table, he's dropping his checkbook. GM Bill is basically admitting that the roster he put together last year was not good enough and is taking the necessary steps to fix it now that he has the tools to do something about it.

Sound familiar?

Danny Ainge has basically said the roster that he built heading into this season stinks. Certainly not good enough to be considered contenders. It's not a Brad problem or a player problem, it's an Ainge/GM problem. That means it's on him to fix it. He's even said as much in all his recent interviews when asked about it. So my question is simple. How do we convince Ainge to act more like Bill over these next two weeks?

I don't expect him to make monster splashes like Bill just did, you have to recalibrate things when talking about their situations. This is not the offseason where the Celts have 50M in cap space. We've seen Ainge basically rebuild his entire roster from the 2017-18 season. I'm more talking about identifying holes on your roster and then using the tools you have in hand to improve. Here's a reminder of what the Celts have.

- All their own 1st round picks

- A bunch of 2nd round picks

- Bi-Annual Exception ($3.6M)

- Sex Pants Exception ($2.5M)

- Kanter Exception ($4.7M)

- Hayward Exception ($28M)

- Low, cost controlled contracts

That is more than enough to at the very least add around the edges. That's all I'm asking for. I don't care what's already on the roster in terms of positions. If you can upgrade, you do it. Shit, Bill just traded up so he could draft 2 TEs and then he realized they stunk so he upgraded. I see roster spots on the Celts bench that could follow this same path regardless if they were once a coveted draft piece by Ainge. 

Do I think Ainge will feel even an ounce of pressure because of what Bill is doing? Of course not. He's a grown ass man. But what I do hope is that he sees it and learns from it. That even the great Bill Belichick can swallow his pride and admit when he fucked up and is bold enough to do something about it. Sure his moves might not work out, but he took a couple swings. Is it too much to ask for Ainge to take a couple swings? You can improve now without using your most attractive pieces or jeopardizing your future. You just have to step up to the plate and be willing to swing.

For example, reports are out that the Pistons only want a 2nd round pick for Wayne Ellington. That's nothing for a guy making over 2 3PM a night shooting 42% from deep. He's your bench depth when it comes to shooting. Does he help you less than what is currently at the end of your bench? I don't think so. Take a swing. 

We're at 9 days and counting until the March 25th deadline. All we can hope for is Danny is watching Bill be proactive when it comes to improving his team and he's taking notes. Probably not, but we can dream.