Wendy Williams Ripped One Of The Cleanest Burp Fart Combos On Air You'll Hear All Year

*extremely Bill Raftery voice* ONIONS!!!! 

There's nothing better than quickly being reminded of the excellence that human beings are capable of achieving. I feel like in this modern age that we're living in, it's kind of easy to take some greatness for granted. The internet has made it possible for us to just see so much of the world and the things that happen in it. Whether it be sports highlights or incredible artistic moments or whatever, we have the ability to see so many people do so many great things every single day. Which means that it takes something truly special to stop us in our tracks and be like, "damn, I can't believe that we as human beings are capable of something like that". 

This Wendy Williams burp fart is one of them. 

So smooth. Such a seamless transition. Each component here hit the right note. Not too much, not too little. I think if either of the burp or the fart held out a little too long, we'd come dangerously close to that territory where it's more gross than funny. But that's what a seasoned vet like Wendy Williams is able to do. She understands the moment. She has a feel for it, and she can deliver without any hesitation. You can tell it's a god given talent, but she's also put in the hard work to harness and craft that talent. Like I'm sure there are some guys out there who have the raw power to throw a baseball 95 mph but haven't put the work in to be able to paint the corners. Wendy Williams' burp fart is the culmination of god given talent combined with a relentless work ethic. Human excellence achieved. 

Now she just needs to learn how to toss a sneeze in there as well.