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I Need You To Stop What You're Doing Right Now So You Can Watch This Video Of Social Media Danny's New Haircut

I'm not joking when I say that's the absolute worst haircut I've ever seen in my life. Especially when you consider the source. Tough as nails north side kid walking around the house party this weekend like a little bitch. That's the sweetspot for me. There's nothing you can do about a bad haircut. You just have to sit there and take your medicine and in this case I'm nervous Danny might overdose on proverbial pharmaceuticals. This is the kinda cut that hangs with you forever. Don't let the internet trolls get to you DC. 

At a higher level there's really nothing worse than being outwardly embarrassed of a controllable aspect of your physical appearance. Bad haircuts. Shitting your pants. Mustard stains on a night oxford before a big date. Those are just some classic examples of wanting to crawl inside a hole and die over something not your fault. 

They were bad crab legs. 

Point is how do you bounce back? How does Intern Social Media Danny embrace the challenge of looking like a motherfucking cockatoo. Poor guy but even worse news for the first guy at Laschets to look at Danny the wrong way. That guy's probably dead already. 

Good luck this weekend Danny. Trust me nobody is going to notice. 

PS - I always get hung up with Dan vs. Danny. That one's tough. He's a true Danny but I think he's starting to introduce himself as Dan to more people now. Reading the room says for me to lean Dan but after a stunt like this haircut, it's probably Danny forever.