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Coach Cal Gave A Gigantic Fuck You To Everyone Laughing At Kentucky And I Need Next Season To Start ASAP

Oh fuck yes. I'm not even going to apologize for blogging about Kentucky right now. We all blog about our teams and when MY coach has a message for the haters, that shit is going to fire me up. I'm already prepping for a March without this team. I'm already dealing with having to watch the worst team in school history. We're on to better things. So everyone laughing and having a grand old time, fuck you - words from John Calipari, basically. We already know Dontaie Allen and Devin Askew are returning. So suck on that everyone that complains Cal doesn't return guys. Bam that's TWO and one of them can really shoot. Not only that but Cal is learning how to adapt. That's scarier than Happy learning how to putt. 

He's also taking blame and putting everyone on notice. 

Fuck yes. Focus on shooting, build a ridiculously talented roster and beat every single team by 40. We're on to 2021-22 here. For the country, pissed off Cal is back.