How The Hell Do You Correctly Handle The NCAA Tournament When Your Team Isn't In It?

I was on Barstool Chicago's Clubhouse earlier this week with Eddie and Carl and we started talking about this. Well, we talked a lot about Illinois and rightfully so but then Carl mentioned to me how it must suck for me as a diehard college basketball fan and a person who lives and breathes Kentucky basketball for them to just not be in it. I don't know what to do. I asked Eddie, because Eddie is always good for advice, how does he watch the NCAA Tournament with no team rooting interest. Here are the answers for Kentucky fans, Duke fans, Louisville and everyone else not playing this week. 

1. Gamble - responsibly and with the Barstool Sportsbook App

Plain and simple, this is way 1 to start getting rooting interests. Find the lines you like, put some money down and bam you have a rooting interest. This is solution number 1 and the only one that makes the most sense. Some lines to jump on: 

Ohio +8

Under 2.5 Big East Teams in the Round of 32 +108

Texas to win the East Region +700

Utah State +5

UNC -1.5

2. Cheer for upsets

I get this. I'm romantic about college basketball and there are very few things more romantic than a crazy upset late in the game early on. But that's where I get lost. I want mayhem early and chalk late. I want to see the best teams playing in the Final Four. I want to watch the best possible basketball. I want to see Gonzaga vs Baylor or Illinois. I don't want to watch VCU/Butler in the Final Four again. That was fine once. I don't want that often. 12 vs 13 Round of 32 game? Sign me up. But give me the best Elite Eight and Final Four games. They are limited and I don't want a blowout. 

3. Cheer for storylines

This is where I fell to immediately after gambling. What do I want to see happen since I can't see Kentucky win. Right off the bat it's Gonzaga winning it all. I'm sick of the narrative with them and just want to see them win. They need a title, shit they deserve a title. If not give me Illinois or Baylor. Two rebuilds for two very different reasons. Chalk? I don't give a shit. Give me the storylines. 

4. Cheer against teams

Yep, this sounds like something I do. I want to be right, so don't let Iowa make a Final Four. Hope UNC/Wisconsin lose to Baylor. Hope we see Maryland and UConn lose after their first round game. Syracuse? Fuck em. It's time for hate. Sister Jean? I hope we don't see you this Tournament. 

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5. 10 Teams to cheer for without your team in it: 

Gonzaga, Oklahoma State, Baylor, Georgia Tech, WVU, Florida State, Michigan, Arkansas, Alabama, Ohio