Positive News Outta Pittsburgh; Steelers Re-Sign DB Cam Sutton To A Two Year Contract


I got asked on Instagram a couple weeks ago, "Who is the one guy you want the Steelers to bring back in free agency?" My answer was Cameron Sutton or Mike Hilton. Couldn't pick between the two, but either or both would be huge for this team especially, obviously, the defense. 

"But what about Bud Dupree or JuJu???" people snapped back. 

Well, Matt Judon's new contract with the Patriots today shows exactly why I didn't say Bud Dupree. Simply put, the Steelers just can't afford him. He was never coming back, so to me he wasn't a real option no matter how badly I'd love to have him continue to scream off the opposite side from TJ Watt. 

And JuJu? A player like Cam Sutton or Mike Hilton is more important to wins for this team than a guy like JuJu. That sounds like a bad knock on JuJu, but it shouldn't. I love JuJu and wish he would stay in Pittsburgh. But paying $18 million a year for a slot receiver who last year averaged less than 6 yards per catch doesn't even sniff a swiss army knife defender like Sutton or a nickel corner like Hilton in today's NFL. 

A really good first day of free agency for the Steelers. Bring back a key piece of the defense like Sutton, hopefully do the same with Mike Hilton, then turn to the draft to bring in offensive line and running back talent / depth.