I Do Not Think Mitchell Trubisky Is The Answer At QB In Washington


Let me start the blog by saying this- I don't think Mitch Trubisky is necessarily a bad QB. I think Matt Nagy is a bad coach and Trubisky still has potential. But that being said, I still don't think he's the right fit for Washington.

Why? Well, because we knew this was going to happen. I wrote about this last week- the issue in Washington right now is we have this Kyle Allen vs Taylor Heinicke QB room, so what would bringing in Trubisky accomplish? Instead of being a 2 headed race for the starter, you now have a 3 headed race, regardless of if Trubisky is brought in to be the stater. In theory I can buy it, but in reality I don't see it working out that easily.

And what I mean by that is he will constantly have Allen and Heinicke breathing down his neck. A Trubisky signing would only further complicate things, not make them easier. Same goes for Darnold too, though I do think Darnold has more upside. 

So what is the right move? 

My dream obviously has been we give an arm and a leg and the IP for Deshaun Watson. Give them the farm. This team needs a good quarterback NOW. The defense is too talented for the offense to be a horror show. Deshaun Watson makes this team an instant contender.

If that doesn't happen, you have to start thinking about the draft. I think if Trey Lance falls to 19, you have to take him there. I wouldn't be shocked by Mac Jones there either. I also wouldn't mind a look at Kellen Mond in the 3rd round, though it seems he will be taken in the 2nd, as more and more pundits seem to be falling in love with him. 

The WFT is in this weird QB purgatory where it's not terribleeeeee......but Allen/Heinicke also isn't causing other teams to lose sleep at night. Or maybe Heinicke is the next Kurt Warner, just an unbelievable, out-of-nowhere story, and take us to the Super Bowl. That would be very ideal, but unfortunately it's very unlikely.