Is It A Coincidence Directly After We Lead LB Matt Judon To Glory In Call Of Duty He Gets PAID By The Patriots?

Yes. Yes it is. I'm sure 100% coincidence Matt Judon started hopping on to get the sticks wet with us a few times and then got the BAG. Although I do enjoy the idea of the LB signing the contract only to yell "YOU GOT TATER TOTTED, BITCH!" for some reason directly afterwards. That being said, it just goes to show we're not messing around. Well, let me rephrase. If we were truly "Irreplaceable" we would brag about playing with the same exact special team players, not blog or make any content, and then quit in the most fake woke way possible. But we're doing what we can over here to lead our guests in Verdansk and beyond to new heights and glory. 

Same goes for Jalen Mills. Sad to see him him leave the Birds, but good to see him get the bag. 

But again, Jalen Mills stops by the bunker to be led to all things glory in Fortnite and then gets PAID...coincidence? Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice...and you can't get fooled again.