The Oakland Athletics Are Charging 1 Bitcoin For A Season Long Suite

Are you an Oakland Athletics fan? Do you currently have Bitcoin? Well for just 1 Bitcoin you can acquire a suite for every home game the Athletics play in 2021. The Athletics ticket site says it's $64,800 for the full year if paid in cash, which breaks down to $800 per home game, but you can get your suite for the current day price of Bitcoin So you're actually getting a deal if you buy it with Bitcoin.

Seems a bit pricey for an A's game if you ask me but a suite is a suite. If you've never watched a game in a suite you're missing out. BUTTTTT this is in Oakland. It's not a great place to watch baseball I've heard? But hey, maybe they have good food to make up for it? I believe they're the first team in baseball and they may even be the first team in sports to accept cryptocurrency in exchange for tickets and suites, which seems smart to me. No better time than now to start getting in with cryptocurrency. You only have until April 1st to lock in your suite using Bitcoin too, so time is running out. This is something I'd expect to see in San Francisco, maybe for older Warriors game, Oakland doesn't strike me as a very tech heavy crowd, but maybe because the Giants are bad the As are poaching their fans?

It'll be interesting to see if anyone actually does this, either way it's a good headline grab. Maybe we see more of this in the future too, seems like a no brainer with the way crypto is headed. Pumped to see Elon sitting in a suite this season watching the As!