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You Can Only Have One The Rest Of Your Life, Which Are You Taking: Potatoes Or Pasta

I put this poll out on Saturday when my retinas were filled with green and my liver was filled with brown. I was really embracing my heritage and was craving a potato. Any kind. A true staple of my diet. I can't remember how the conversation started or with whom I was having it, probably because of the aforementioned brown liquid in my liver, but I asked if you could only have potatoes or pasta for the rest of your life which would you choose. I put it to the people and we are basically split 50-50. Most even poll ever. There isn't a wrong answer, unless you chose pasta.

You should know that I absolutely love pasta. My all-time favorite dinner is probably a carbonara with bucatini noodles. So much so that when I inevitably snap and get convicted of murdering Carl in the office one day I think my last meal will be carbonara with a nice steak on the side. That's how much I love it. If I get that meal it'll all be worth it. 

One last food, pasta. Only one food for the rest of your life...potatoes. You just can't beat the versatility of potatoes. One word...french fries(two words). Game over. French fries all by themselves might beat pasta. Then you think of Thanksgiving. Those buttery, cheesy, creamy mashed potatoes covered with a condiment of gravy. Run it back for Christmas too. Emergency tater tots at the bar right before the kitchen closes. Those can save your life. You're never ordering a plate of a spaghetti at midnight in a last ditch effort to prevent a crippling hangover. You wake up the next morning and you hit it again with a skillet or homefries. Head back out for an afternoon slot of games and the potato skins just jump right off the page. It's snowy outside in Chicago right now. You need that beef stew loaded up with potatoes. Fried, boiled, whipped, baked, roasted, it doesn't matter. The potato can answer the bell every single time and twice on St Patrick's Day. If you choose pasta you're being short sighted and also just ignoring gnocci. Pasta is great. I would not have my pear shaped body without it, but 49.3% of you ignoring every variety and occasion for potatoes in favor of the same textured noodle crafted into a different shape is beyond me. Please reconsider.