Breaking Down The Definitive List Of The Best NCAA Tournament Conspiracy Theories

I'm not going to lie, sports conspiracies are one of my favorite things in the world. Typically I love the NBA Draft Lottery for that reason and then get destroyed when the Knicks get fucked except 1985. But, after that NCAA Tournament bracket conspiracy theories are my favorite. Everyone finds a reason why the committee did something or made a specific matchup. Let's get into the best ones from this year. 

Louisville being left out of the bracket because Kentucky's AD was the committee chair

Let's get this one right off the bat because it's all I saw right away last night. Louisville was left out of the bracket because Kentucky's AD Mitch Barnhart was the chair of the committee this year. If Kentucky can't be in then Louisville can't play. I love it. This is what I want from a rivalry. Just completely ignoring facts that there were two bids stolen and that's why Louisville is out - along with 56 in the NET, 1-6 in Quad 1 games and 54 on KenPom. It was clearly all because of a rivalry. 

Louisville was the first team out because it sounds better with them as a 4 seed if Virginia has to drop out

This is one that was pitched to me by someone I know and frankly, I'm here for it. We know that Virginia is likely to play but there's still a question since they aren't traveling until Friday and still are in quarantine. Throw in the fact that rules this year mean the first team out would be the first replacement team and what sounds better - Louisville as a 4 seed or Drake/Wichita State? 

Michigan State and UCLA are in the First Four strictly for ratings

Even Barnhart made the joke here! Look, it makes no sense for Michigan State to be in the First Four instead of Syracuse or Utah State. But what sells better? Michigan State vs UCLA. Syracuse is brand name too, but Michigan State probably sells a bit more. But if we have the committee chair on TV making the joke, we add it to the conspiracy blog plain and simple. 

Gonzaga was purposely given the easiest region so we get an undefeated team in the Final Four

Let's get right to the point here. Gonzaga was given the easiest region because they are the No. 1 overall seed. They deserved the No. 1 seed. But it is rare to see a No. 1 team get 2/3/4 seeds that they already beat with relative ease during the season. Throw in the fact that the 3 and 4 seeds are both dealing with COVID right now and conspiracy for Gonzaga went wild. Oh and there's the stat being thrown around that the last time Duke and Kentucky missed the Tournament was the last time we saw an undefeated team. The committee wanted to help Gonzaga, clearly. 


The battle of Illinois in round 2

Every year we get these matchups whether it's coach vs former school, rivalries we want to see, shit like that. This year it's Loyola vs Illinois in Round 2. The state of Illinois would go nuts if that happened and there will be plenty of beefs passed around. That's really the only one that sticks out, but this is a nice little conspiracy wrinkle.

The committee gave Oklahoma State a 4 seed because of its NCAA appeal

This is the only way Oklahoma State as a 4 makes sense. They are helping out a pissed off NCAA because Oklahoma State appealed its decision of a postseason ban. They should be at the minimum a 3 seed. The committee decides to toss the NCAA a bone and force Oklahoma State to a 4 seed. Not only that but put them in the Illinois region so we get Underwood vs Oklahoma State. I'm onto you.

So what conspiracy theories did I miss?