Zion Williamson Is Becoming An Unguardable Force Right Before Our Eyes

Layne Murdoch Jr.. Getty Images.

I'm still not totally sure there are enough people paying attention to what Zion is doing down in New Orleans. What a fascinating team the Pelicans are. They make no sense. One night you're seeing them beat teams like the Bucks, Jazz and Clippers. Then the next they can't seem to beat the Rockets. Their season has been all over the place so far. This is a team with the 7th best offense in the league, but then you realize they have  the 28th best defense and their 17-22 record starts to make a little more sense. They just can't stop anybody. As of now they are still on the outside looking in when it comes to the play in tournament, but if they can have a strong second half they definitely have the look of a team that could surprise people. Lonzo Ball is having an insane year shooting the basketball, Brandon Ingram is essentially replicating his All Star season from last year (23.7/5.1/4.7 on 47/38%), and then there's this Zion fella.

We're seeing some pretty historic shit on a nightly basis when it comes to Zion 

and last night was more of the same

Most people consider the Clippers a title contender. They were all full strength in their battle with the Pelicans last night and when I say it made no difference whatsoever when it came to stopping Zion, I'm not kidding. Here's the thing though, it's not just last night. Nobody, and I mean nobody has been able to stop this man so far this season. He's now up to 61.9% on the season after going 13-16 from the floor against the Clippers. 13-16!! You got a good sense of why people say the Clippers need to address their big situation at the deadline that's for sure. 

When it comes to Zion, when I watch him play I laugh to myself that there were some people out there that didn't think his game would translate once he started playing against grown men. That he would need to develop a jumper just to be effective. Yeah, OK. Screw that shit when he can just get to the rim whenever he wants. I mean he's had just one month under 60% shooting and has been back to back 64% since February


Why do I feel like this should be a bigger deal? ESPN and the internet couldn't stop sucking this dude's dick last year when he had only played 20 games. Now he's backed that up this season by being even better and more dominant, and I feel like nobody is talking about it. That's so weird to me. It's not like the Pelicans were good last year or anything. They were 30-42 and then had a disaster run in the bubble, mostly because Zion didn't get consistent minutes. I think it's fair to say that Zion has delivered on his hype better than anyone could have expected. He's legit unguardable and that's even without a three point shot! 

It also doesn't hurt that he seems like a great kid. It's hard not to root for him honestly. For a kid that was the biggest and most hyped prospect since LeBron, it's wild how he's entered the league and dominated basically right away…..just like LeBron. You can't tell me it wouldn't be exciting as hell to see Zion in a play in tournament, put the team on his back and carry them into a matchup with the Jazz or some shit. Zion is about as must watch TV as it gets in the league right now, especially when he's going full games without ever really missing. I don't understand how that's possible, but he's shown a large enough sample size for us to accept that this is just who Zion is as a player. The scary thing is he's only going to get better.

If the Pelicans can just find a way to play league average defense, they have a great shot at the play in tournmant and maybe even beyond. But please, if you haven't been already, turn on the TV whenever Zion is playing because he is doing some shit we haven't seen in decades.