Darren Rovell Went Out Of His Way To Tell A Guy His Dead Father's Baseball Card Collection Was Crap

Honest question, is Darren just fucking with us all at this point? Has he turned full heel and embraced his complete and utter lack of tact and decency? 

That HAS to be the answer right?

How else do you explain scrolling through your search feed on the twitter, finding some random guy you don't know's post about going through his dearly departed dad's baseball card collection, and chime in telling him its "junk"?

What's even better is when this guy called him out on it his response was just as bad.

Ohhh, Darren was being a good guy after all. Was just trying to help. Our bad Darren.

I hate that I'm wasting time on this and giving him attention but the guy just continues to rewrite the definition of insufferable.

He is the Michael Jordan of social retardation. That's not a baseless assumption, it's from personal experience.

(sidebar - Back in the day when I was the Barstool Chicago Ray Donovan behind the scenes for Neil and Dan one of my many responsibilities was cameraman. Dan needed me to film a one on one game between him and Rovell. We also needed a court. My buddies building on Kinzie (Alta) had one so he got us in and Dan coordinated with Rovell. Darren showed up in full gear, and brought his dad along. Completely disarmed us. His dad was the nicest guy. Kinda quirky but fairly normal old guy. The issue was he thought we were there to highlight how awesome his son was. Had no clue it was going to turn into Bigcat dragging his nuts all over his son's face for 30 minutes. His mood quickly turned when he put 2 and 2 together and things got awkward. Luckily for Darren, he is the king of awkward.)

(shout out Alex Murphy for coming to ref)