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Virginia Isn't Traveling Until Friday, Can't Practice And Are Still In Isolation - So, Uh, How The Hell Do They Beat Ohio?

I know this is becoming the popular pick, but, uh, how the hell does Virginia beat Ohio? Virginia had to leave the ACC Tournament because of COVID, we know that. But now they aren't even traveling for the NCAA Tournament until Friday. They can't practice. They have to travel to Indiana and to the bubble and then turn around a day later and play against Ohio. Let me be more specific - they have to play against Jason Preston. 

Remember, this isn't your standard Virginia team. They actually aren't great defensively. It's actually the worst Virginia team under Tony Bennett since 2011 - his second season on The Grounds. Preston has a ton of size over Kihei Clark. I don't trust Reece Beekman to slow him down. There's not a great matchup there. Ohio has a top-30 offense and a coach who will dance his ass off. Seriously, long live Jeff Boals. 

Now obviously there's still the fear that Virginia won't be able to play in this game. But based on what I've heard (investigative big J shit here folks), it sounds like it's just one player with COVID and as long as there's not positive tests, which there shouldn't be because of isolation, they'll have the minimum of 5 players needed to travel. Remember, the NCAA said that's all you need. You can play with 0 coaches and 0 subs. Honestly, I low key want to see a game without coaches. 

Ohio is legit though. They have a top-30 offense. They have a future NBA player in Jason Preston. It's not a great matchup for Virginia at all. How the hell do they beat them? We obviously don't really have history to tell us a team coming out of quarantine and traveling the day before an NCAA Tournament game to rely on. 

Ohio is already down to +8 on the Barstool Sportsbook. Jump on that ASAP.