The Packers Pull Off a Stunner And Sign Star Running Back Aaron Jones To a Four Year $48 Million Deal

Michael Ainsworth. Shutterstock Images.

WOW! Just…wow. I feel like I should be more excited about bringing back a star running back like Aaron Jones on a four year deal. I think I'm more shocked and nervous than excited considering the track record for giving a running back the bag isn't a great one. Green Bay isn't usually one to keep offensive weapons around longer than they have to. I'm blind-sided like I think a whole lot of Packers fans are right now and I kinda don't know how I feel. 

In the last few days the Packers reworked a few current deals including the restructuring of Preston Smith and Adrian Amos contracts, along with moving on from backup QB Tim Boyle. You had a feeling they were about to do something, but bringing back Aaron Jones was probably the last thing I expected. You'd think a team that opted to draft a running back in the 2nd round of last year's draft would be looking to anoint him the guy moving forward and save the money it would take to bring back the veteran star. You'd assume that was the play, but I guess not! They drafted Jordan Love as a first round pick for christ's sake, assuming they're going to do anything expected is naive and ill-advised. 

If I were running the ship I would have done everything in my power to bring back the number 1 center in the NFL and current free agent Corey Linsley. Aaron Rodgers just had the best year of his career and it's no secret it was in large part to the offensive line's performance. 12 wasn't touched all year long and Linsley was a big part of it. Replacing your star all-pro center is a whole lot harder than an all-pro running back. Remember Jones was a 5th round pick…. No offense to Aaron Jones, he's fantastic and even serves as an additional WR when LaFleur has his head on straight, but damn that's just not the direction I wanted them to go in. Sure they had solid o-line depth, but the number 1 center in the NFL isn't exactly a quick fix. 

So what does this mean? I assume having Davante, Bahk, and Aaron Jones locked up for the future, along with Rodgers means they're going all-in over these next few seasons. That's certainly a good thing, but what is also does is further point to the  Packers 2020 NFL Draft as the worst draft maybe ever. A backup QB and backup RB in the first two rounds, without addressing starting offensive weapons or defense? Two players that will have limited roles in the coming seasons. Sure AJ Dillon will become more involved with the offense assuming the Jamaal Williams role, but at the absolute most he's splitting carries 50/50 if Jones is healthy and playing at the level you're paying him for. Sure they're a two back system, but is that really what you needed to do with your 2nd round pick? It'll always bother me. Oh what'd they do with the 3rd round pick? A backup tight end who I believe was projected to go three rounds later. Sick. 

I love Aaron Jones don't get me wrong. I'm happy as hell he's getting paid, and it seems he took less to stay in Green Bay which is always cool. A forgotten 5th round pick from UTEP just inked a $48 million deal. That's awesome. He's universally liked in that locker room and I'm willing to bet Aaron Rodgers wanted him back BADLY. The Packers just don't have a track record of actually listening to him which caught me off guard. Gotta trust they know what they're doing and that Jones doesn't regress like we just saw with Zeke and all the other running backs that fell off a cliff after their first few breakout seasons. 

Going on IG live and listening to "We Paid" is a great move after becoming very rich. Gotta write that one down. 

I don't know how, or if it's anywhere in the realm of possible (I do not think so) but please find a way to bring back Linsley. I cannot stress enough how important he is.