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The Best Part Of That AWESOME SEC Title Game Was Nate Oats Telling LSU To 'Get The Fuck Outta Here' After Alabama Won

What a goddamn game. I still can't believe Alabama just didn't blow it open at some point. They started out on fire, LSU came back. They kept pushing the lead to 6 or 7 and it felt like they were about to run away and then LSU would answer. Trenton Watford went for 30 and 8 for LSU. Herb Jones with 13, 11, 6 and 4 for Bama. Just unreal. But the real winner was Nate Oats hitting LSU with a 'get the fuck outta here' after they held on. Remember the game started with a little skirmish that the SEC commissioner had to break up 

Nate Oats simply does not give a single fuck. He started the year by going after Coach K: 

At Buffalo he made fun of Deandre Ayton a whole year after beating Arizona

Let me say it like I did with Juwan Howard. Nate Oats is good for college basketball. We need more shit like this and not thinkpieces about 'being a role model' and not talking shit. YOU SHOULD ALWAYS TALK SHIT. Hell, Alabama is one of the cockiest teams in the country and it's all because of Oats. John Petty leads the country in shit talking for 40 minutes. Herb Jones is so damn good. They also won the SEC Tournament without Josh Primo, who sprained his MCL. 

Nate Oats vs Will Wade would be an awesome rivalry. Get the fuck outta here is such a great way to end a game.