WE GOT A SKIRMISH -The SEC Commissioner Had To Help Separate LSU And Alabama At Midcourt 20 Minutes Before The SEC Title Game

Hell yes. Clearly this is where we have to say #ItJustMeansMore because it's the SEC, but this is what I want to see. I want a little skirmish in the layup line 20 minutes before tip. I want everyone to be confused that this isn't a football game between LSU and Alabama. We've seen games get chippy all during conference tournament week because these guys are all sick of seeing each other. You're talking the 3rd time these teams play and you're just ready for the NCAA Tournament. When I was on the Chicago Clubhouse with Carl and Chief last week, Carl asked me if there was anyone that could be a villain. My answer was John Petty from Alabama because the dude LOVES to talk shit. He told someone on the Arkansas bench to meet him in the tunnel after he was ejected. In the first game against LSU he was on fire and started talking shit before the ball was even out of his hand. 

I'm sure the refs will call this game extra tight to start now which will suck. I just want to see and hear shit talking. I want people competing against each other to hate each other for 40 minutes. Give me all of that. Also love seeing the SEC commish jump in here to help separate it. That's how you do your job Sankey.