The Key To Ohio State's Run To The Big 10 Title Game - Chris Holtmann's Mom Texting Him Her Scouting Report

There's no doubt that Chris Holtmann is a good coach, but now I'm starting to think it's all because of his mom. Look at that scouting report! She's out here paying attention to footwork on jumpers and what do you know? Ohio State hasn't lost since. Sure they may have collapsed 3 games in a row and barely snuck out a win, but guess who is playing for a Big 10 title? Ohio State. We've seen this before with Musselman's mom handwriting scouting reports to him before: 

This is the sort of information we need to know heading into the NCAA Tournament. What coaches are getting texts and letters from their moms to help them out? Granted, that text back from Holtmann is every kid in the world. You've sent that text, I've sent that text. You're not in a great mood and your parents send you some generic text or ask you something. You just hit them with the 'got it'. That's the kid version of k. It makes sense that Mrs. Holtmann is a basketball genius, she is a die hard Kentucky fan after all. 

Speaking of Ohio State, I still like this team. Yeah, they can't defend. That's a serious issue. They get burnt in ball screens. But man can they run offense. I said it before but EJ Liddell doesn't get talked about enough from a national perspective. They can space you out and run 5 shooters out there. They have a couple guys in Washington and Walker that can just beat you off the dribble.