Dick Vitale Losing His Mind Because He Thought This Airball Three From Tennessee Went In Is My Favorite Moment In March

Fucking Dickie V. Just screaming about how Alabama let them shoot the three as he 100% thought it went in was my favorite moment in March. Somewhere I know Tennessee fans thought that too listening to him only to realize he completely missed everything and any time Tennessee fans are upset, I'm happy. We can make fun of Dickie V, but it's legit sad to hear him call games now. The guy loves the sport, we grew up with his voice and now he's our old grandfather that has no idea what's going on. 

Really this game just showed what's wrong with Tennessee all year. They were awesome in the first half. They were actually moving on offense and well, playing offense. Second half? Nothing. No adjustments, no movement, just lazy offense. That's why they are such an average team. Rick Barnes got the mix of experience and 5-stars and they are a failure this year. 

I laugh my ass off when Tom Hart hits the deadpan 'an airball' at the end of the clip. Just so perfect.