Dustin Johnson Just Proved That There Is Such Thing As Being Too Good At Golf

CRIMINAL. Absolutely criminal what just happened there. Dustin Johnson hit such a good tee shot on 17 at The Players that it ricocheted off the stick and rolled into the water. Brutal. And that's when something occurred to me: DJ is simply too good at golf these days. The guy is still playing the best stretch of golf he's ever played in his career and now it's starting to backfire on him. He's so good that his best shots turn into his worst shots. Dustin Johnson has broken the game of golf. On the bright side (not for DJ but for us hackers), none of us will ever have that problem. Sure, DJ has a great life and has made millions upon millions of dollars but I know for a fact that I will never strike a golf ball so perfectly that it hits off the pin and rolls into the water. Small victories.