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Rory McIlroy Admits Part Of The Reason For His Struggles Is That He’s Chasing Bryson DeChambeau’s Swing Speed

After missing the cut at THE PLAYERS with a +10 score, Rory’s admitting something here that I don’t think anybody else would be willing to admit. He got sucked in by Bryson. He saw what he did at Winged Foot where he destroyed one of golf’s most challenging and iconic venues and figured “Hey. I could do that.”

Which makes what Bryson’s doing all that much more impressive. Nobody’s saying that Bryson’s piping it every time out there, but the faster you swing, the bigger the miss. I watched him spray it all over Sawgrass yesterday but his ability to manage his mistakes and work his way out of trouble consistently is so friggin stupid. He’s not driving the ball particularly well and he’s still near the top of the leaderboard. If he straightens it out over the next couple of days, he’s probably going to win. His mission to chase speed has given him a wild advantage, and now we’re finding out that the effect he’s having on the Tour goes beyond just shortening every hole he plays.

Rory was a prodigy, might truly be the most talented swinger of the golf club on planet Earth and he wasn’t able to match what Bryson’s doing. He’s more or less abandoned the mission, and I’m sure he’s far from the only one who’s tried to chase Bryson’s speed. You gotta give Rory a lot of credit for being so transparent as he always is. He’s probably the most direct athlete in all of sports and I’m thankful for it, but this is probably one I’d bite my tongue on. It’ll be interesting to see where his game goes from here because Augusta is just around the corner and that’s a place that’s had his number for years. Let’s see if he finds it.