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TOP OF THE MORNIN' TO YA: Some Heroes Dyed The Chicago River Green After The City Said It Would Be Canceled

Absolutely LOVE it. The city made a big stink again about dying the river green. Lori canceled it again on account of covid-19 to keep the crowds down. Then...we wake up this morning to this glorious scene. Highlighter green dye being dumped into the river. A sight that will fuel the masses to dump a similar colored Miller Lite into their bodies all day long. Couldn't ask for a better scene to wake up to until I saw this tweet

If this is true these guys are heroes. They're patriots. They're pirates. They're basically saying FUCK you to the government the same way Sam Adams did when he dumped tea into the Boston Harbor in 1775. I would give ANYTHING to be on those boats right now. Running from the law on boats. I'm the captain now, Lori. Then start a go-fund-me to cover my fines and legal fees. What a rush that would be. 

This is a big moment in 2021. It feels like we are trending in the right direction towards opening up the world again and this feels normal to see even if there wasn't a parade or people lining the river banks. Have a day, everyone. Responsibly.