Mark Turgeon Didn't Make A Joke About Michigan's Banners Coming Down, Instead He Said The Lamest Thing Ever To Start The Fight vs Juwan Howard

We saw what happened. Juwan Howard getting ejected for trying to fight the entire Maryland bench. It's a great move. We need more of this in college basketball. Someone crosses the line, you have every right to square up. I prefer we see more coaches do such a thing. Juwan Howard is AWESOME for college basketball. He's a character and he's a hell of a coach. We need more guys like that like we had when we were growing up in the 90s. Most of those guys are now retired or winding down their career. 

This was the initial rumor as to why the fight happened: 

I was on pins and needles for the press conference. HAD to know if this was true, if it wasn't was there at least something similar? Howard is fairly calm on the sidelines so you'd assume something was said to get him going like that. I was hesitant to believe this because Mark Turgeon is a dork. Turg had his press conference and immediately shot it down while taking a jab about '34 years doing it the right way' or some shit like that: 

That's the lamest shit ever. So you're a narc who calls the conference office because of a couple tough games and then hit Howard with the 'don't talk to me.' That's so weak. I don't care if you didn't say the banner joke, own it. Don't deny it. You'd buy at least an extra 2-3 years at Maryland on that alone. People were actually praising Turg! But he failed … again. Even Howard admitted this was true. 


So all that because of a couple physical games and then a don't talk at me. What a let down. I expected more from Turg, I don't know why. That said, I do LOVE Martelli just chalking it up to being March. What an answer.

So there it is. No banner joke because Turg isn't witty enough for that. He'll throw a jab in during the press conference about doing it right for 30 years. Juwan Howard said he was in self-defense. Just give us more coach skirmishes.